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i'm just a guy who seek for the true path in my life. sometimes i may fall due to my own mistakes. sometimes i laughed, cried, and also smiled for things that happen around me. but the most important facts ever, i'm happy to be me. =)

said:Here I am. This is my journey. I am a man who has been lost somewhere along life's path,and ready to find myself again..

Monday, October 10, 2011

the ray of light

2010.pencil color.
Since that day
I decided to never cry
But even if I piled on the pain
There was something I couldn’t forgive

In the many days I can’t return to anymore
I still can’t do anything
Another fragment of memories with you
Is disappearing

I want to become stronger
Than I am today
So that my voice will reach you someday

If I keep on walking
And the wind stops
I’ll look up at the sky, searching for you
Light will beam out ahead of dawn.

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