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i'm just a guy who seek for the true path in my life. sometimes i may fall due to my own mistakes. sometimes i laughed, cried, and also smiled for things that happen around me. but the most important facts ever, i'm happy to be me. =)

said:Here I am. This is my journey. I am a man who has been lost somewhere along life's path,and ready to find myself again..

Monday, October 10, 2011


early name is "The Anal sunset:.. i changes it to "moment" & now Unintended..
oil mix water color.

The guy in this
man try to convince his love that he will come for it. But, first he have to do something to his life, because life is not constantly about love. It means his love came after his broken life, his problems or what ever... i don't get it.. girls are really complicated

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