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i'm just a guy who seek for the true path in my life. sometimes i may fall due to my own mistakes. sometimes i laughed, cried, and also smiled for things that happen around me. but the most important facts ever, i'm happy to be me. =)

said:Here I am. This is my journey. I am a man who has been lost somewhere along life's path,and ready to find myself again..

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mangroves..

"the mangroves" 2009.pencil color.
size A3 paper

There`s sorrow in my hearth,
i kept it, inside me..
Lost of hope,lost of love...
I waiting the rain stop falling, so sun are able to come out..
But importunately it seems nothing gonna changes...
because no sign the rain will stop..
But I still hoping..
Until the end of my life..

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